“When asked what I write about, I like to reply that ‘about’ is the wrong word, it suggests the wrong relationship.
I prefer to say from or toward, or occasionally through …”
Kathleen Jamie


My second collection, The Lock-Picker, is being published in February. There will be an online launch, hosted by Palewell Press – see below for details.

From Palewell Press: launch of The Lock-Picker, Friday 26th February at 7pm.

Sue Proffitt’s remarkable second poetry collection is about living alongside her mother who was suffering from dementia. The Lock-Picker explores the nature of self, memory, identity and what it truly means only to exist in the present moment. The Palewell Press online launch is on February 26th 2021 at 7pm. To receive a 20% launch discount on the book’s retail price, register your interest in attending the launch: enquiries@palewellpress.co.uk.

And, if you can’t make that date and time, there’ll be a second launch of my book on Sunday 28th February at 4pm, when I will be reading alongside Veronica Aaronson, whose latest collection, Emily’s Mothers, are poems exploring adoption: its dreamscapes and bloodlines. Email ronnieaaronson@hotmail.com  for more information and for the Zoom link to this event.

Please see a PDF all about the event HERE

This is exciting, and marks the end of a significant period in my life. Writing about my experience of witnessing dementia at such close quarters has felt important for two reasons: firstly, bearing witness to this period in my life that was such a steep learning curve, but also became strangely redemptive.
Secondly, and no less important, The Lock-Picker reflects my desire to share this experience with all the people in this country (and around the world) who are going through a similar process – supporting someone with dementia – and to reach out to them.
Sue Proffitt - News
Caring for someone with a life-threatening illness can be a lonely road. The Lock-Picker doesn’t shy away from how hard that road can be but also, I hope, avoids clichés and reveals how, even in the most difficult situations, moments of grace and affinity can be found. Please check my News Page to find out about future public readings.
On a different note, I’ve been wanting to create poetry-cards for years, and this will happen in 2021. Under the name seahorsedreaming.com, these greetings cards will feature some of my favourite photographs. Each picture has its own story and that, too, will be part of each card. Together, the picture and its story are unique. In this sister site, you’ll be able to purchase my books as well as poetry cards. Please check my News Page for further information and updates.
Ocean In A Bottle
Finally, a poem of mine (about Pluto!) features on this album: Vocalising The Solar System, a new piano / ambient project by Manchester-based artist ‘Ocean In A Bottle‘. The album was launched on off Records 4th December, 2020.